Casualty Simulation Specialists

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Our professional and skilled special effects make-up artists are trained to create robust and impressive simulation effects while retaining clinical accuracy, resulting in credible and believable simulations.

Through many years of experience supporting a variety of training providers and our study of real time injuries and medical conditions, this has given our makeup team a greater understanding of the appearance of wounds, limb injuries, skin conditions, tissue damage and burns, bearing in mind throughout the mechanism of injury. The simulated injuries that our actors ‘wear’, appear amazingly realistic.

We do not use inappropriate or questionable make-up effects to unnecessarily emotionally shock or distress personnel undergoing training.

The simulation makeup effects are not only realistic but robust and durable. They will withstand the application of treatments, casualty handling, the donning and removal of clothing, and a variety of environmental conditions. The applied wounds can be cleaned and dressed a number of times and redressed if required.