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" I love working for Magnum Services.  No other job can give me the experience and opportunities I have from working with a great group of people.  The days can be long, cold and tiring but it does not compare to when, by the end of the day you realise the benefits of the training you have provided and the appreciation of all those involved.  Working alongside others who all also face the troubles of life as an amputee and yet still smile and enjoy life has helped me to realise I have a positive future.  Working for Magnum Services has made me no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed of whom I am but instead I am proud of embracing life as an amputee."                      ~ Robert O. ~

All of our professional amputee actors wear realistic injury prosthetics to simulate trauma injuries and our makeup artists give the actors a realistic trauma appearance for the required scenario.  We pride ourselves in aiming to use ex-military actors who have experienced trauma first hand (whether acquired in civilian life or while enlisted).

We have a variety of actors with different amputations such as arm amputees (above and below elbow) as well as leg amputees (above and below knee) and bilateral and triple amputees to suit all possible scenarios. Essential emergency and rescue techniques will become innate and instinctive through powerful adrenalin realism achieved through our trained Casualty Simulation actors

Our actors don't just replicate traumatic injury amputations, we are able to simulate different injuries, both on amputee and able bodied actors which can include facial and head wounds, surgical emphysema and eviscerated abdomens.

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